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CAFAA is a Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to the Preservation,
Education and Appreciation of all Antique Fire Apparatus.

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CAFAA meeting schedule:

Saturday, June 2, 2018 - Annual muster, Carroll County Farm Museum

Sunday, September 23, 2018 - Annual picnic

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Musters, Shows, Parades and Flea Markets Calendar Page

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At our meeting on May 20, we had 19 members in attendance, we started the meeting at the Reese VFD Hall, did all of the reports and had a chance to talk with the caterer and sample his pull pork and roast beef. All very good. WE HAVE FOOD AND SODAS THIS YEAR!
Then we drove to the Muster site where we were greeted with a fence on the hill top where we had planned to have the food, flea market and static display. A number of members put on their hip boots and walked down to the pond. 
With the rain they have had and with the rain forecasted for the next week and a half and the fence a motion was made and passed unanimously that:

Flea market, food vendor, registration, information table etc will utilize one of the pavilions.

For those wanting to draft/pump, we can make a couple of drafting basins by using 2 ladders and a ceiling hook/pike pole formed into a triangle and with a salvage cover or cheap plastic cover laid over the ladders to form the basin. Note: I am sure Malden knows how to make one of these since it was taught in basic fire school 50+ yrs ago. Give him a call if you have any questions.  We can lay one line from the hydrant with a pumper and use lines off it to keep the tanks filled. Very simple fire ground water supply evolution!  For those wanting to play with drafting my suggestion is to obtain a 21/2 or 3” hard sleeve instead of wrestling with large sleeves. We will be flowing a limited amount of water, big sleeves not needed.

PLEASE GET THE WORD OUT about this change.

Remember, the only way we can have the convenience of food on site is by us supporting the vendor. 

We should be able to have a fun day and now we know where it will be instead of a last minute change and people not getting the word.

Any questions, call (240-229-2643)  or email ( Frank Tremel.

We will have a short meeting as usual after the Muster. Something new to think about and discuss.  It has been suggested to me that we hold this years picnic at the Pleasant Valley VFD carnival grounds which has rest rooms etc and a pond which might make a Muster site.

Pleasant Valley is located a few miles north of Westminster

Spring Muster
June 2, 2018

The Chesapeake Antique Fire Apparatus Association, a chapter of SPAAMFAA, will host the 49th Annual Maryland Antique Fire Apparatus Spring Muster at the historic Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, Maryland on Saturday June 2nd! This year’s muster will feature small apparatus such as mini-pumpers, brush rigs, pump trailers, etc. We are encouraging all owners to make a special effort to attend. Each registrant will receive one participation plaque for each paid registration. Please note that there will be no parade this year. Registration will be available from 9 to 9:45, with an opening ceremony at 10 a.m. Drafting/pumping will commence after the opening ceremony. Both the static and pumping displays will be at the pond and surrounding area. The picnic grounds will be available for use and food vendors may be available. The Muster will be held regardless of weather conditions.
Click Here for directions.----Muster Flyer
Printable Muster Registration Form and Muster Safety Rules

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Great video of the 2014 Pennsylvania Pump Primers Muster and parade from Mike Villanova

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We have video of the entire 2006 , 2007 and 2009 Colonial Beach Parades.
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If watching vintage Firetrucks roll down the street with Lights and Federal Q's
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Believe it or not, firetrucks are not the greatest machines in the universe.
That title goes to the Space Shuttle Discovery. On Independence Day,
with the rockets red glare, watch the Shuttle Rumble Into Space.
Here is a short Movie Tribute to the men and women of the
Baltimore City Fire Department
On January 13, 1982, Washington D.C. was hit with two catastrophic disasters.
All during a major snow storm. Listen to the D.C.F.D. as they dispatch units to
The Air Florida Plane Crash and The Metro Train Crash.

For coverage and more information on the plane crash, Click Here.

Fire Trucks Responding --BEST OF 2017

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